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Main Picture

This is part one of pool party 17.

We thought that a sport clothes party will please a lot of fans, since we did not had one in a while.
So we gathered together 22 girls and we told them to wear something sporty and tight on skin for this party.
So you should not be surprised if most of the girls wear leggings and thin white blouses.
All of the girls wear sport shoes and all of them wear white socks and we was careful to make sure that every girl will take the shoes off for a while during the party.
We installed the shower in a kiddy pool and for starters we got them wet a little one by one and then we give the signal for the real party, the part were we loose control over the girls and they all do exactly what crosses their minds with one rule:


So hopefully we have a new production that will please you ;)



1 video clip, 111 pictures

Comments (7)
Great party! Very entertaining, hot, and sexy in wet leggings. Loved it ;)
kiss11 (Wednesday, August 8, 2012)
Really great party, nice girls, good music - I like it very much, especially the dancing scenes. These girls know how to move. Please keep that. I hope we see Nora in more parties in future, she is really great.
But in my opinion two things could have been better:
1. There are way to much close-ups from legs, feets and asses. The girls have pretty faces, so why not filming them?:-) I like to see the expression on their faces while dancing. Please do more wide-ankle shots, so we can see the girls from head to toe.
2. It would also be nice if some of the scenes would have been longer. The cuts to the next girl(s) are sometimes very quickly.

I know it is difficult/impossible to make all customers completely happy...
Itsme (Thursday, August 23, 2012)
Thanks for the feedback.
We will keep in mind your suggestions for the future productions.

WEBMASTER (Thursday, August 23, 2012)
you should put on sale lenghts from all separate cammeras, not edited, who wants can optionaly buy. I would.
attaboy (Monday, September 3, 2012)
we have tried that too... and not much difference in sales BUT a lot more difference in space on the server ;)
WEBMASTER (Monday, September 10, 2012)
nice idea, but why is every girl waring a bra - the white shirts would look much nicer without bras
alex (Sunday, April 28, 2013)
Some of the girls just don't want to get wet wearing white clothes without a bra. I would like it to be different too ;)
webmaster (Monday, April 29, 2013)
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