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Main Picture

It's time for a new wetlook event - This would be pool party 18.
We knew for a fact that there are many jeans fans around and many of the jeans fans enjoy our wetlook parties so our crew thought that it's the time again to please the jeans and casual clothing fans with a new party.
The structure of the party is made in the old style, we have a quick intro with each girl soaking a little of her clothes in the kiddy pool and then under the shower and the rest of the party was not directed, most of the time we let the girls do what they want as long as they kept their clothes wet for the two hours. We got a little help from above, cos during the party the rain was pouring in sessions so it was not hard at all to keep the clothing wet ;)

We do have a preview trailer for this party , we thought it will be a good addition to the party and if some folks will not want to buy the party right away, they will still be able to enjoy some bits from it as preview.


As well as for every party lately we have two advices:
Is better to buy the whole party at once (8 clips x 8$ = 64$ and if you buy the same clips at once you will spend only 45$)
In some cases the preview photos don't match the video you get. We try to avoid this as much as possible BUT you have to understand that we shoot the events with 2-3 camcorders BUT only one photographer, so the video editor might cut a camera footage off BUT for the exact same scene the photo editor leave the picture because the picture is grew while the camera footage is not good (or have better footage from another angle / camera for the same moment of the party)

Enough bla bla bla ;)… let's see some sexy ladies getting wet and having fun in the pool, under the shower and in the kiddy pool.

This is the first part of the party.


1 video clip, 122 pictures

Comments (18)
This party is awesome! 3 girls really got my attention, the first one is the girl wearing the printed pink long sleeve shirt with pink earrings girl #7, start from the top left to bottom right if you look at the pictures, girl #11 with silver printed white top with the half jean jacket, and girl #14 with silver printed black long sleeve shirt. I hope they have their own wetlook hunter updates! What are their first names btw?

Steve (Tuesday, October 2, 2012)
Thank you for the feedback Steve, sadly none of the girls was "recruited" during a wetlook hunter event. And we don't have any more updates with them. BUT I will do my best to get them on another project in the future IF possible.
WEBMASTER (Tuesday, October 2, 2012)
I really like the girl wearing the printed pink long sleeve shirt with pink earrings, and piercing on her upper right lip! She's really cute! Her 2 minutes under the shower was my favorite. Also, another thing I would suggest is that longer footage of the girls individually under the shower.

Thank you for this awesome update :)
Steve (Tuesday, October 2, 2012)
Thanks again for the feedback Steve,
In the new parties we tried to have more individual time with each girl from the party. Basically we start to split the parties in two segments, one with solo shots and the other with totals and all the girls wet.
WEBMASTER (Tuesday, October 2, 2012)
What an amazing set! Just love all the denim. I really liked the first three parts where the girls keep their denim jackets on.
Denimboy (Thursday, October 4, 2012)
I am just curious, do any of these women wear stockings or pantyhose in this wetlook party (particularly those wearing shoes with heals)?
26.2miles (Wednesday, October 24, 2012)
I am sorry if my previous question was not a good one, I am afraid it looked more obvious than I realized.
26.2miles (Wednesday, October 24, 2012)
@ 26.2 miles.
I remember a few of them wear nylon socks. BUT none of them was wearing pantyhose or stockings.
WEBMASTER (Thursday, October 25, 2012)
I have watch the free video on youtube.
The sweetest girl is number #8.
She wears a dark blue jeans with beige belt, a white shiny shirt.
Pink lips and brown hair. Just gorgeous.
What's her name? :)
guni (Sunday, February 3, 2013)
the girl's name is Christina
webmaster (Monday, February 4, 2013)
I bought this a few months ago, it is your best pool party. Who is girl #1, with the white shirt and the necklace? She does incredible dances! She is in one earlier pool party - has she done anything else for you?
s7 (Friday, October 4, 2013)
Hello s7, she is Cryna, you can find more updates from her on (use the search field and type Cryna)

webmaster (Saturday, October 5, 2013)
I like the girl# 5 most, with the black shirt and jeans. What her name? Is there any more video with her or not?
Shekhar (Thursday, November 13, 2014)
To tell you the truth I don't remember her name. BUT I think this was her only party.
webmaster (Thursday, November 13, 2014)
I like to watch the girl number #8.
Thanks for the sharing of her name "Christina".
Are there any other videos where Christina is to see?
guni (Monday, January 26, 2015)
She appeared in a few parties BUT apart of that we only have one messy session with her.
webmaster (Tuesday, January 27, 2015)
Where can I find more updates and sets of girl #8, Christina?
WetFan (Monday, May 27, 2019)
Hi there - did the second last girl with the black “live rock” t-shirt do any other scenes, please?
Paul (Monday, January 6, 2020)
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