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Main Picture

Probably this is one of the most awaited parties from all we produced so far. This party (party number 21) was for sure the most difficult to produce.
It was difficult because we wanted to have all the girls dressed in full leather (pants+jacket or skirt+jacket) and when the idea came out I did not believe that it will be so hard to achieve that cos all of the girls had a leather jacket but no one we asked had leather pants. So we started to call every model we had in our adress book and indeed we found more girls who had leather pants and was available for the shootings BUT then when we calculated the cost to get a few from Budapest to the shooting place we realized that we will go over the budjet with so much that it was scary to look at the numbers :) So then we ended up with a strategy that worked the best and we are very happy that we could get the leather fans their party, a party that we hope not just them will enjoy.

The party has 8 parts, you can buy it as "full party" for $45 or you can buy any clip from it separately.
We shot the party in a river (it's the first time we do that) and we hope the party fans will enjoy a little change of the location. We was very fortunate to have a superb day so the lighting was just perfect for the shooting, the girls did the best to dance on the rocky terrain without any broken ankles and everyone was happy to get her leather clothes soaked for you.

What can we say more? Enjoy the new party and use the comment field for questions and comments.

This is part one of the party.


1 video clip, 108 pictures

Comments (5)
I finally bought this party! Amazing cast, very good looking group of girls! The change of location is refreshing...

I was excited to watch Simina for the first time, I hope she will have more updates ;)

I'm already looking forward to the next party, keep up the good work :)
Steve (Saturday, March 16, 2013)
Thank you for the nice feedback. Simina already made other two parties that will be uploaded in the future (not sure when tough).
I am happy you liked the party.
webmaster (Saturday, March 16, 2013)
Number 1 watched and loved. Girl number 3 in the white vest had me sooo excited ;-) lol
TY guys
wam (Sunday, March 17, 2013)
This party is REALLY GREAT
Andor (Monday, March 18, 2013)
Thank you for the comments guys
webmaster (Monday, March 18, 2013)
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