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Main Picture

Welcome to our 23'rd pool party AND FINALLY, the casual clothing fans can enjoy a party dedicated to them, of course, we also dedicate this party to all the wetlook fans who enjoy watching 14 pretty girls
dancing under the shower and playing in the pool.
We did not asked for a specific kind of clothing this time (probably we will repeat this as often as we can) BUT instead we asked the girls to put on what they consider to be appropriate for what we called "Casual Special Wetlook Party".
All the girls did the best to look pretty in their everyday clothes and because we did not asked for a specific kind of clothes, this time we have a wide diversity of clothes, we have jeans, and leggings, but also plain pants, blouses but also leather and denim jackets in two of the cases. We apologize to the flat shoes but we could not resist and we asked all of them to wear high heels and nylon socks ;)
In the first 30 minutes of the party, all the girls goes under the shower, which they looked forward too, as it was pretty hot in the pool room especially with all the clothes on ;)
After the last girls completed her shower session, they all moved to the pool part where, one by one, they went for a pool dance, during which most of their clothing got wet and some of them also wet the hair. This part is also mixed with solo shower sessions…
In the last 50 minutes of the party we did not directed the girls in any way, some of them went straight under the shower and some of them in the pool and all brought the remaining part the footage is mixed (shower and pool).
The only direction the crew gave to the girls during the last 50 minutes of the party was to remove the shoes for a while which they gladly did, as the wet floor and the high heeled shoes is not exactly the most stable combination for a dancing girl ;)
Anyway tough… after a while all the girls got the shoes on for the final part of the party and after all the girls went in the pool in the final minutes, all of them stepped out, one by one, allowing the cameras to have a good look of their wet, clothed bodies for one final time.

Enjoy the new party!


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Comments (2)
Pretty girls and I love the outfits ;)
kiss11 (Wednesday, August 21, 2013)

What's the name of the girl in jeans, white t-shirt, leather jacket and white heels?

zetta27 (Monday, September 21, 2020)
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