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Main Picture

This is wetlook party 24 and this is something we never did before... BUT since we always like to test new things, a wetlook party in the sea was a plan for the summer of 2013 and we managed to do a party where all the girls are getting wet in the sea.
And of course, since we had a lot of requests to get back the satin clothes we asked the girls to bring only clothes made from satin BUT we didn't mention what we want them to wear so we have: evening dresses, cocktail dresses, office outfits and also clothes that are likely less formal and rather casual.
Basically we wanted to have a satin clothing party as we promised BUT we also wanted to produce something that will be liked not only by the formal clothing fans, and hopefully we succeeded.
So what we have for you are 19 girls on a public beach all dressed up and all of them having a great fun soaking their outfits in the salty water.

The structure of the party is similar with the latest parities, we have a long intro and we asked all the girls to get wet one by one... for the first time just a little (feet and heels) and the second time a little more and we asked them to get into the sea two at the time, splashing each other having a lot of fun, then we asked them to get back in the sea one by one, get wet again but this time wet all their clothes, and then for the final part of the party we asked all the ladies to go together in the sea.
One of the great things about this party is that the day we shoot this party was a very windy day so basically (in many cases) the clothing was drying on their bodies between two sea sequences... so it will be (in the first hour of the party) like the girls get wet from being dry over and over again :)

So overall we think we produce a good party and we have something to enjoy not only for the satin clothing fans.

This is part one of the party and as always we recommend downloading all the parts with one download, to get all the fun, not to mention that you also get a special price IF you download all the party with a single checkout $45 instead of $64.

We did the best to match the preview pictures with the video and we think you will clearly preview in the free pictures what you will get in the video BUT however as always the party is shot with more cameras BUT only one photographer, so we have cases where the pictures don't cover the action but the cameras do and vice versa.


1 video clip, 149 pictures

Comments (2)
Best party so far! Great location. Loved how the girl's heels got scuffed by the surf.
Anubis (Tuesday, October 22, 2013)
Always happy to see a nice comment from a customer.
webmaster (Wednesday, October 23, 2013)
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