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Main Picture

This is something we have in mind for a long time now... and this was just about the time to do it.
As many of the customers know we always shoot the parties with more cameras and usually half BUT sometimes 2/3 of the footage gets cut out from the final product so of course a lot of footage get's dumped BUT that doesn't mean that it's bad footage.
It simply means that the producer considered other footage (other angle) to be included in the final scene.

Anyways, I am sure you know what we mean so I just cut to the chase ;)
This is the first time when we released an "Editor's cut" of a party. It's a 32 minutes cut and two things is sure about this version.
1. It's edited entirely upon editor's taste
2. It don't contain any camera footage that has been edited in the other version released a month ago.

Of course since we are talking about a much shorter version, we also have a special price which is $18 for 32 minutes of 720 video.

So enjoy the "Editor's Cut" version of pool party 24.

NO pictures with this version... please download the full version of the party if you like pictures.


1 video clip, 14 pictures

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