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Main Picture

It's about time to have an "editor cut" version of wetlook party #25.
All the angles and the good parts that you have missed in the last party are now in this one, in an edited form, and you can have 30 minutes of enjoyment and wetlook party for the weekend.
And the best part of course is that starting with this month the editor's cut be FREE IF you bought the FULL PARTY previously with one checkout.
So if you bought the Wetlook Party #26 for 45$ contact us with the CART ID and one of our team members will be happy to assign you a free cart ID for the editors cut.


1 video clip, 26 pictures

Comments (5)
like this one, specialy angles of video camera, keep it up, and less dancing more simple interaction :P
attaboy (Wednesday, April 16, 2014)
Thank you for the feedback.
webmaster (Wednesday, April 16, 2014)
why don't can see more free pictures of this great party?
Steven (Monday, May 5, 2014)
@ Steven
We have more then 32 free pictures for each party. We consider to be enough to please the fans who cannot buy the parties, this is why we don't post more
webmaster (Monday, May 5, 2014)
Wat een heerlijke geile bezigheid om jezelf heer nat te besproeien zodat je kleding veel te zien laat. Dames ik geniet van jullie
sjakie2 (Thursday, September 11, 2014)
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