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The last party was all office wear so this time with Wetlook Party #27 we went 180 degrees with the clothes and also with the location. This time 17 girls are dressed with their jogging outfits and the party is not indoor BUT outdoor under the hot summer sun, near a creek.
The rest is easy to predict (if you are a fan of our parties) but here is a little explanation of what happens in this party (for the folks who are on our site for the fist time.
In the beginning all the girls, one by one, are taking a shower and et themselves just enough in order to "tease" you :) The water spray wet them while they are dancing and of course the coolness of the water felt great (the girls said).
After all 17 girls wet themselves partially (this will happen around part four of the party) we invite them one by one in the river (we shoot the party in a side of the river where the water was shallow enough. The rule was that once a girl gets into the water should stay there and play with her other girls, each girl who enters in the river have a solo dance with all the wet girls at her back and of course we did that till at some point all 17 girls was in the river.
The girls had real fun soaking each other and dancing all wet for us. Some of them forgot ;) to put the bra on and everyone kept her sport shoes on (it was impossible to walk in the water without shoes because of the rocks from the bottom)
The fun and the soaked beauties are granted as usual and AS USUAL is recommended to download the full party to be sure that you don't miss any fun.

Comments (6)
You can also have photos of other models?
Fast (Thursday, June 19, 2014)
Can I see ass of girl from the 4th photo?
quest (Wednesday, June 25, 2014)
I'm a big fan of wetlook movies like these, lots of cute girls and outfits.

But I'd like to see a bit of a twist in a future video, instead of the models stepping in under the shower willingly, how about making it look like it's forced by having some of the other models drag them in under the shower or even spray them outright with a hose?

Wettie. (Thursday, September 18, 2014)
Thank you for the feedback.

We will only have one party and then no more parties sadly.

webmaster (Thursday, September 18, 2014)
I'm sorry to hear that.
Wettie (Wednesday, October 1, 2014)
Yes, I am sorry to.
webmaster (Thursday, October 2, 2014)
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  • fantastic set! so many beautiful girls in these elegant outfits including pantyhose getting wet in such a seductive way! my eys and brain can hardly recognize all this! luckily there are close ups of some of the girls every now and then.

    Wetlook Party #22
  • Hello, I recently purchased the Wetlook Party 36 update. Once again I'm very happy with the purchase. I enjoy the setup, the outfits the girls are wearing, great work as always.

    Wetlook Party 36
  • Nice seeing a wetlookparty in super skintight stretchjeans and tight and high turtleneck sweaters fully clothed,,also nice with terry socks /fuzzy socks,,,a bit winther clothed...Hope you keep up your great work with these sessions.

    Wetlook party soon again,,miss you.