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Comments (7)
Oh no :( Tottaly wrong, skipping it as many last "parties" and if project is closing - bye bye.
And its not wetlook "Party", its more like -
"Dosen girls non stop dance dance dance dance and danc and after they danced they dance like cows on amphetamines trying to pose" and when you buy update you find most they do is same pics with shower
Never saw "Birthday" event "Bridesmaids" party, something natural and nicely simple. Failed. Bye
Oh no (Saturday, November 1, 2014)
Epic, awesome, totally hot. Nice job, Flaviu on this one. I'm sorry you guys are calling it quits. There were some freaking spectacular girls and spectacular outfits in this collection.
Wet_cowboy (Sunday, November 2, 2014)
Thank you Wet_cowboy for the cheer up, very much appreciated.

To "Oh no"

I know we cannot please all of the fans and we did the best we could to produce good material in the past years. Maybe some other producer will start a similar project and meet your standards.
webmaster (Monday, November 3, 2014)
Thanks for all the denim sets you've done. The ones with girls in denim jackets and tight jeans I really like.
Denim (Saturday, November 15, 2014)
Thank you for the feedback Denim. It was fun to do this project.
webmaster (Saturday, November 15, 2014)
when will come the next update?
Sam (Tuesday, March 31, 2015)
Sadly it will not be a next update. We decided to stop the new shootings project
webmaster (Wednesday, April 1, 2015)
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