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Main Picture

Party 34 is online!! Finally some of us will say.
We had the voting we got your message - all of your messages :) and we put together a party that feature the clothing from the voting... it was not an easy task for the production crew but in the end we succeeded to produce a party according NOT TO ALL but TO MOST of the votings and suggestions. So party 34 will not be a party that features one type of clothing, instead the party features multiple clothing choices. As you can guess the clothing styles with more votes can be found on more girls and the less voted clothes obviously on less girls.

As usual there is a bonus footage of almost one hour shot with a go pro 7 from the pool, we cut the staff out and we left the beauties in and ew will give the footage to you as a bonus IF you purchase the entire party in the first month after release date.
In order to take advantage of the bonus please make sure the emails from email address are not sent to spam (the best way to avoid that to happen is to add the above email address to your contact list.
IMPORTANT: The emails with the Vimeo link and pass are sent manually and one single crew member is doing it so please consider that for orders after 9 PM (Central European Time) the emails with the Vimeo link will be sent the next morning.

As always we tried to match the sample pictures with the actual footage but that is not always accurate and for the best experience (and the special price) we recommend to download the full party.
This is part one of the party 34.


1 video clip, 100 pictures

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