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We wanted to start the year fresh so the first party of 2021 is a sport clothing party. So sadly for the office clothing and the winter clothing fans we have a session for the folks who prefer leggings, sport shoes, seethru t-shirts (sorry folks but the girls kept the bras on)
So we have 14 pretty ladies and they will sure burn some calories over the two hours time they danced their way in and out of the pool, splashing, having a great fun, enjoying to be filmed and photographed fully aware that they are there for their fun and your viewing pleasure.
Enjoy the view!
The party full length is 2 hours and for the best experience and the best price it is recommended to buy the party in full.

SIDE NOTE: The emails with the Vimeo link are sent manually and one single crew member is taking care of this so please consider that for orders after 9 PM (Central European Time) the emails with the Vimeo link will be sent the next morning.

Enjoy the footage!

This is part one of Wetlook Party 39


1 video clip, 100 pictures

Comments (4)
Even though I'm a real office clothes fan and not a sports clothes fan at all, this party is amazing!!
The girls look stunning in their outfits and it's great to see they enjoy themselves so much.
Keep up the good work!!
Natte Kleren (Tuesday, January 26, 2021)
Thank you for the feedback Natte!
webmaster (Wednesday, January 27, 2021)
Is there a chance in the future we could get a party involving leather jackets or a mixture of leather jackets and winter jackets?
Guest (Friday, January 29, 2021)
Leather jacket is a sensible point because we are working with the girl's clothes.
So few of them agree to soak their leather jackets for a few hours ;)
BUT nice idea indeed.
webmaster (Monday, February 1, 2021)
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