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Main Picture

It is again the time to have a new party and since we talked about leather clothes we did the best to have apart that features as much leather as we could get ;)
This party is also special because we produce it in a different style then the other parties. In this party we introduced the girls one by one under the shower and we got them to dance each 4-5 minutes in a solo sexy dance.
The in the final half hour we got them all together into the pool.
There will be avowing to ask you which kind of parties you like the best and we of course produce the next parties according to your votes.

So here in the first Part we have Adria who opens the dance and then Nora who is followed by Elise and the by Reka under the shower. All girls except Reka are wearing leather jackets and all of them are wearing boots.


1 video clip, 75 pictures

Comments (10)
Very sexy outfit..especially the first girl in high turleneck sweater and skintight jeans...add more party with only super skintight stretchjeans on alle girls..keep up your great work !!! Geetings from Norway,,wetlook lover
arve (Saturday, December 10, 2011)
im gonna be true and i will say many support me:
Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, are all same same same dancing girls, u dont even see shower water or anything. Could be done same success with 4 girls.
and PART 8 IS CRIME FOR WETLOOKand wetlook fans! 2 seconds wth jackets??? 5 seconds per girl?? They dip in pool to take of jackets?? Where is pool fun, camera angles and etc??? whIt felled like some moving line in some factory, boring, same, not entertaining, waisted 22 girls
I would rate it 1/10
atta (Sunday, December 11, 2011)
Thank you for the feedback Atta, the truth is that this kind of party was an experiment and since is the first one we have done this way we still need a lot of feedback.
Thank you for the feedback... very much appreciated.
WEBMASTER (Monday, December 12, 2011)

I kinda agree with atta. Although i really liked the shower scenes. only wished, it would have had as many pool-scenes. I would have liked to see every individual girl get in the pool right after her shower... and maybe a part at the end where they all enjoy themselves in the pool and do stuff. :-)

i really was disapointed, when ALL the shoes came off, and especially never back on (hint) :-)... But i guess thats personal taste.

all in all great party and please keep 'em coming :-)


ps. lighning tip for the shower: darker background and a strong light into the shower stream. that way you should see the water.
wetswissdude (Tuesday, December 13, 2011)
I never watched this party so I can't make any judgement on how it went, but I will say that I liked the idea of each girl doing their thing under the shower, but I wasn't fond of after each girl was done they just stood in the back.

I wasn't too intrigued by that and it didn't look a pool party from the free photos.

I think from all the comments I read that maybe you should stick with the old style.

kiss11 (Wednesday, December 14, 2011)
Thank you for the feedback.
I all ears to all the constructive feedback we have regarding the last party because this style seems to be preferred by a vast majority of the fans.
So we just need to keep in mind a few important stuff (like individually get the girls in the pool with shoes on first and only then get some footage for the socks fans)
Regarding the background we did not planned this to be like that... we was kind of forced to have the party in that corner because we was very late and the lighting was very poor by the time we was ready to film.
BUT I will sure keep in mind for the next time to have a light for the shower head.
WEBMASTER (Wednesday, December 14, 2011)
Well... to be honest this party was a sucess from the sales point of view so I am confident that the fans will prefer the change.
Still we keep in mind the idea of shooting old style pool parties too. So you will see a lot of those on this site in the future.
It just (for us) a change seemed to be good to be made... and we need to adjust the change to get you guys a very good product in the future.
That is all ;)
WEBMASTER (Wednesday, December 14, 2011)
Frank (Monday, December 19, 2011)
Yes,was a sucess from the sales point - just becouse announced 22! girls plus you can see in examples jackets and etc. But when you buy it its just dissappointing.
Im one of you biggest fans from WetRom times and im happy when we discussed few years ago threw e-mail idea of such parties on you side u accepted idea tried it and it works. But now i see you slipping into some "wetlook fast food" and its sad. Great girls great outfits - why not make most of it? Now its juts girls dancing in the shower girls dancing in the water. Dance dance dance. Try one party and leave all inicitaive to the girls, even thy can do some filming of own be just 3d person, let them interact, i noticed they know already each other theres even friend groups amongs them and etc. Make normal party like you did in very first one. Small table small chating pool and lough and fun and tiredness and all emotions. Regards
atta (Thursday, December 22, 2011)
Hello Atta,
like I said this party was just an experiment... something new... some of the things was good and some of them was not good.
Remember, we have to please many clients ;) and every client have it's own tastes.
We have to create something that is OK for most of the ppl.
And we are trying to do that.
WEBMASTER (Tuesday, December 27, 2011)
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