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We did many kind of parties (or at least as many as we could so far) but the truth is that we never had a COCKTAIL PARTY, and that is exactly the reason why we have one right now… We got together 14 beauties and we asked them to show us the best fun they can have while they get wet for the fun of it.
And indeed the ladies did not disappointed, they got all dressed up especially for this event, put on their best cocktail dressed, the finest heels and hosiery and we turned on the music… And way happened after that was not always under our control despite the fact that this was the first party where we had no drinks alcohol beverage at all… Al we had was soft drinks and plenty of water of course. Maya was one of the leaders and the fans who ever watched Maya during a wetlook party knows that she can lead a crew of beauties towards a single purpose: To have fun! So of course there was situations where they completely forgot about us and splashed around (getting us to jump with the cameras away from the water) BUT the main point is that at the end of the day the girls had a lot of fun dancing away in their drenched clothes.
So that's it guys… nothing more… just 14 girls, ALL pretty, ALL dressed up for a cocktail party, ALL of them getting totally drenched during the party over and over again, ALL of them having fun while they do it.
Same principles apply for this party as for the latest parties:
1. We shot the party with more cameras, BUT we had only one photographer on the set so there might be differences between the pictures and the video footage (however the crew editors are doing the best to NOT have this kind of situations)
2. We recommend you to download all the party at once not clip by clip to be sure you watch all the fun from beginning to end, not to mention that you get a discounted price if you do so.

Enjoy the new party (pool party number 20), this is the first part of it, a part where 4-5 girls are already soaking themselves partially under the shower.

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Those are smoking hot dresses. It's been a while since I've seen Maya in a party.
kiss11 (Thursday, January 17, 2013)
Thank you for the feedback. It is true, It's been a while since she didn't attended to a party.
Webmaster (Friday, January 18, 2013)
PHENOMENAL UPDATE!!!...the girls, the outfits, the sunny day...JUST PERFECT!!....the only way it could've been better was if Eva was there.
arized (Thursday, January 24, 2013)
....that blue dress is F'ING AMAZING!!!!! by far the hottest girl/outfit combo of all 20 parties.
arized (Saturday, January 26, 2013)
Fab Clothes, fab girls, fab wetlook. The visible undewear is great, and keeping their heels on all the way through is great too.
vog (Tuesday, September 3, 2013)
Just trying to please as many fans as we can, this is the reason we get the heels off....
webmaster (Wednesday, September 4, 2013)
what about colored nylons - green, pink, yellow, blue, red and so on ?
that would be great !
bruno (Wednesday, October 2, 2013)
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  • fantastic set! so many beautiful girls in these elegant outfits including pantyhose getting wet in such a seductive way! my eys and brain can hardly recognize all this! luckily there are close ups of some of the girls every now and then.

    Wetlook Party #22
  • Hello, I recently purchased the Wetlook Party 36 update. Once again I'm very happy with the purchase. I enjoy the setup, the outfits the girls are wearing, great work as always.

    Wetlook Party 36
  • Nice seeing a wetlookparty in super skintight stretchjeans and tight and high turtleneck sweaters fully clothed,,also nice with terry socks /fuzzy socks,,,a bit winther clothed...Hope you keep up your great work with these sessions.

    Wetlook party soon again,,miss you.