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This is the seventh part of POOL PARTY #20, please see the first part for more details about it.

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this is THE update we've all been hoping to find one day....a first ballot wetlook hall of famer!!!...I vote the blue dress bombshell at 11th minute is the new high-bar of eurowam...[please sign her to a long term deal immediately!!]
arized (Saturday, January 26, 2013)
You will sure see more from her... We worked with har in the past... BUT only underwater and messy stuff... After a few years she's been missing we got her back in the crew...
I am happy you like her.
webmaster (Saturday, January 26, 2013)
The girl with black hair in red dress is stunning, is there other videos with her? I would love to see tewm all
WindTalker (Saturday, December 19, 2020)
No other videos with her sadly :(
webmaster (Saturday, December 19, 2020)
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  • fantastic set! so many beautiful girls in these elegant outfits including pantyhose getting wet in such a seductive way! my eys and brain can hardly recognize all this! luckily there are close ups of some of the girls every now and then.

    Wetlook Party #22
  • Hello, I recently purchased the Wetlook Party 36 update. Once again I'm very happy with the purchase. I enjoy the setup, the outfits the girls are wearing, great work as always.

    Wetlook Party 36
  • Nice seeing a wetlookparty in super skintight stretchjeans and tight and high turtleneck sweaters fully clothed,,also nice with terry socks /fuzzy socks,,,a bit winther clothed...Hope you keep up your great work with these sessions.

    Wetlook party soon again,,miss you.