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This is wetlook party 41 and we changed a bit the scenery for this one. The crew choose a lake in Hungary and we got together 19 girls asking them to put on clothes they make them feel good, clothes that make them feel elegant. They all came up with their own idea of "party clothing" and we managed to have a diversity of outfits in this party as well.

The party full length is 2 hours and just as in the case of many other parties for those who will buy the full party will get a special price and beside that IN THE FIRST MONTH AFTER THE RELEASE DATE - that is until August 17, we will send out a bonus footage (120 minutes), uncut footage taken with a separate GoPro camera.
So for the best experience, the best price and the bonus footage, it is recommended to buy the party in full.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: The emails with the Vimeo link are sent manually and one single crew member is taking care of this so please consider that for orders after 9 PM (Central European Time) the emails with the Vimeo link will be sent the next morning.

Have fun watching ;)

This is part one of Wetlook Party 41

Comments (6)
Can we know their name?
asksaga (Saturday, July 17, 2021)
Do any of the photo sets or videos show wet underwear? Did the girls have a change of clothes before going home?
Langkawi (Sunday, July 18, 2021)
I can list all the names but I cannot tell every girl's name.
If you are interested in a particular girl, tell me which and I will tell you her name.
webmaster (Monday, July 19, 2021)
durinhg the video the crew might of catching some undie footage, however no free pictures are available.
All the girls had change of clothes.
webmaster (Monday, July 19, 2021)
when looking at the screenshots it looks like the girls stay inside of the water most of the time. Do they also come out and stay outside of the water for a longer time?
Thanks in advance
paddel (Tuesday, July 20, 2021)
Hi Paddel,
most of the shots are in the lake.
webmaster (Wednesday, July 21, 2021)
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  • fantastic set! so many beautiful girls in these elegant outfits including pantyhose getting wet in such a seductive way! my eys and brain can hardly recognize all this! luckily there are close ups of some of the girls every now and then.

    Wetlook Party #22
  • Hello, I recently purchased the Wetlook Party 36 update. Once again I'm very happy with the purchase. I enjoy the setup, the outfits the girls are wearing, great work as always.

    Wetlook Party 36
  • Nice seeing a wetlookparty in super skintight stretchjeans and tight and high turtleneck sweaters fully clothed,,also nice with terry socks /fuzzy socks,,,a bit winther clothed...Hope you keep up your great work with these sessions.

    Wetlook party soon again,,miss you.