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Main Picture

15 girls and a new pool location and it is true that it took longer than we wanted to release this party but is here and this party come with a price drop as we changed CC processor and the new one has way lower fees than the old one so we decrease the price to reflect that. The price is less only for the customers who buy the party in full as only a few of you guys buy these days the parts of the parties separately and to be honest it was easier to do it.

So... buying the party in full not only gets you a special price but also almost two hours of bonus footage taken with a new-gen GoPro so the footage quality is 4K for the bonus footage as well and downloads are allowed for the footage so you can keep the bonus footage offline. as well.

As usual, the customers who buy the party in full will receive the link with the Vimeo video. The offer is on the table for 30 days after the release (March 12 in this case)

The party is only available in 4K on but it will be uploaded in the following weeks on and there you can stream it to any device in 1080p with a Premium membership as the basic membership don't include the parties.

So that's it. Enjoy the view ;)

This is party one of wetlook party 43


1 video clip, 102 pictures

Comments (1)
Who is the blond hair girl in the office outfit..

The one with black skirt with dark pantyhose and black jacket?
MBE (Friday, March 11, 2022)
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