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Since two months passed since the last pool party, it was time to upload a new one. This pool party is just like all the parties recently uploaded on this site: it is based on your votes.
The drill is simple (in case you don't know already) - use the ballot on the index page, pick what you like and we count the votes and go with the most popular selection. After all, the voting is in the benefit of all of us. ;)
So this time, the theme is black. We did the best to have it in the same style as we normally do these pool parties: Lots of fun, many pretty girls and lots of wet clothes.

In the first part, all the girls soak their clothes a little under the shower and three of them jump into the pool with their black dresses and heels on of course.

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Not buying this one, same as 4th 5th 6th updates, same clothes style just diff color not much clothing tough.
Can you please at last every next update do different style clothing?
atta (Tuesday, March 22, 2011)
Hello Atta and thanks for the feedback, we only produce the parties based on the votes. So the only way to be sure that your favorite kind of clothes or a different kind of clothes are shown in the next party it will be to vote for them.
WEBMASTER (Wednesday, March 23, 2011)
This is not the same at all as the other parties... different girls and i love the black clothes so for me this is perfect. Thank you guys.
Alex (Wednesday, March 23, 2011)
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  • fantastic set! so many beautiful girls in these elegant outfits including pantyhose getting wet in such a seductive way! my eys and brain can hardly recognize all this! luckily there are close ups of some of the girls every now and then.

    Wetlook Party #22
  • Hello, I recently purchased the Wetlook Party 36 update. Once again I'm very happy with the purchase. I enjoy the setup, the outfits the girls are wearing, great work as always.

    Wetlook Party 36
  • Nice seeing a wetlookparty in super skintight stretchjeans and tight and high turtleneck sweaters fully clothed,,also nice with terry socks /fuzzy socks,,,a bit winther clothed...Hope you keep up your great work with these sessions.

    Wetlook party soon again,,miss you.